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Aeronautical Engineering (Ostend)

1st semester (Autumn) or 2nd semester (Spring) at VIVES Ostend

Are you fascinated by a wide variety of tasks such as aircraft and helicopter maintenance, planning, airworthiness inspection, airport management ... ? Or do the design and operation of unmanned planes interest you more? Moreover, do you want to think about the future and opt for training that guarantees a smooth employment? This is possible via the aeronautical technology programme at VIVES - unique in Flanders!

Aviation activity in Flanders is very diverse. On the one hand, there are the many niche-oriented companies that are responsible for the design, production and supply of subsystems and, on the other, direct and indirect services at and around airports that are also the most important source of direct and indirect employment for Flanders. With a continuous worldwide growth in aviation, you have come to the right place for employment in this sector.

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