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VIVES Business Academy (Bruges)

1st semester (Autumn) or 2nd semester (Spring) programme at VIVES Bruges

The VIVES Business Academy is a programme consisting of lectures, group work, visits and projects in the field of Management and Business Studies. Evaluation follows the rules of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Incoming students can select a programme of up to 30 ECTS credits per semester.

The VIVES Business Academy has been set up for undergraduate business students. This international class consists of a compulsory part for the participating international students, to be completed with optional courses or modules from our degree study programmes.

Although Flanders has no natural resources, it is still one of the richest regions in the world. This has been achieved through our human ‘capital’: hard working people, high level of education, openness towards the world and innovative entrepreneurs. The VIVES Business Academy intends to share with the students the experiences and views that have been the driving forces for the high standard of living in this part of the world. Specifically, the VIVES Business Academy has the following goals:

  • to develop your personal skills;
  • to increase your understanding of modern management approaches (theory and practice); - to offer you an opportunity to learn about Flanders, Belgium and Europe;
  • to make you aware of changes in the global environment.

The ultimate goal of our programme is to increase the knowledge and competences of our students as a contribution to their personal growth and their career development. During the week, the students’ work is a combination of projects and courses. Or they work on other assignment work under supervision of an appointed tutor or through the e-Learning platform Toledo.

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