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Improving the quality of education in math in relation to STEM

There is a need to improve the quality of education in math in relation to STEM. Necessarily, a strenghtening of the didactical competences of elementary teachers in Europe is needed.

Therefore, a mutual didactical model and good practices tot support teachers in teaching math will be designed through an integrated STEM approach (interdisciplinary learning approach) to make math more attractive and learnable. These are the objectives of the project: 

  • more integrated education in STEM, in which difficult mathematic concepts are profoundly enclosed, and consequently, become easier to learn by children in elementary school
  • lowering the threshold for implementing STEM-didactics in schools by offering tools to teachers during training courses based on an interactive learning environment that enables teachers to obtain the necessary didactical insights regarding STEM-education
  • gaining knowledge on the cognitive as well as affective impact of STE-activities on young children, based on an educational design-research study while testing STEM-activiteis in classes.
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