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PreconNET: lifelong fertility education

Erasmus+ PreconNET

Since the age of pregnant women is increasing throughout Europe it is of crucial importance to preserve their ability for conception in late 30ies. Therefore it is time to bring lifelong fertility education to a new level by creating tools for educators. This project will bridge the gap in health education; right now after the secondary school youth are not being continuously counseled until they decide for a child.

Preconception health care is recognised as a critical component of life course health development of women and men in reproductive age. Preconception health and care focus to men and women before pregnancy. The years before pregnancy are of great importance to fertility, healthy pregnancy and to the health of the baby.

We intend to develop in this project all the necessary information and training for health professionals to be equipped for adequate counseling. We will also develop innovative digital educational material that builds a sustainable flexible system that allows distance learning, independent learning or can be offered as a module or integrated to many subjects throughout all studies for nurses, midwives, public health nurses and school nurses.

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