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Peat Valley: repositioning education in the region


Education institutes play a central role in a knowledge-based economy. Evidence shows – consistently, and over time – that countries that invest heavily in education and skills, benefit economically and socially from that choice. Research shows that it requires schools to be flexible, responsive to the needs of the labour market and the nearby future and to make a real connection with the regional partners. Schools therefore have to align their ambitions with the regional agenda (Godin, 2004). They will have to choose a new position in the region in order to remain upto-date, flexible and competitive so they will add (economic) value (Rapport WRR, 2013).

Schools will have to fulfil a double task: their traditional roles of education and research, and their role as regional innovators. This can only arise through structural cooperation between the triple helix (Leeuwis, 2003). The Dutch, Swedish and English have learned this lesson having worked together during the Peat Valley project (Leonardo project) that has led to the current EU consortium (international.riboapps.com). They have seen the possibilities for finding new ways of cooperation and how this could lead to the repositioning of a school within the region.

Main question: ‘How can schools position themselves within the region and how does this relate to the type of network structure that needs to be build, the portfolio of services and the needed capacity within the school?´ Rationale: ‘The need for finding new ways of cooperation with triple helix partners and how this could lead to the repositioning of a school within the region’ Partners involved: Three regions (NL/BE/SWe) will collaborate together, consisting of education institutes (VET to MSc, students, teachers, education development staff, researches), government and entrepreneurs. Directly a large team of partners will be available (approx. 50) and indirectly the three cooperatives of the region will be involved which results into a large number of beneficiaries (>3000).

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