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Interprofessional collaboration in primary care


Training healthcare students in interprofessional collaboration (IPC)in primary care during internship is crucial due to the changing landscape of healthcare. Nowadays patients have a prominent place in the atientcenteredapproach and become a member of the interprofessional team. The purpose of this esearch is to explore underlying systems on the process of socialization during interprofessional collaboration in internship in primary care.

A first step to learn students cope with patient self-management is to analyse the underlying structures of this process. Studying the aspect of patient self-empowerment as a member of an interprofessional team generates possibilities to train pre-licensed healthcare workers and prepare them for future challenges. It will provide insights to prepare healthcare students and empower patients in the workfield. This project aims to develop an evidence based framework for interprofessional collaboration to empower patients in primary care.

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