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GO PRINCE: Developing good practices, Inclusive Education in Early Childhood


The unesco Salamanca Statement from June 1994 is still a hot topic. They agreed a dynamic new statement on the education of all children, which called for inclusion to be the norm. With the sustainable developments goals (2015-2030) the united nations focus on quality of education, equity of gender and social inclusion on all levels.

In this course we focus on this statement and sustaineble development goals and  present six important keys for the teacher/educator in early childhood education to provide quality in education in an inclusive way : a holistic view on development, adjustments, collaboration, communication,  reflection and ethos. The course combines models and good practices from the participating universities and universities of apppield sciences Turkey, Lithuania, Denmark, Portugal, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Belgium.  We focus 2,5 and 8 year olds. 


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