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Samen zoeken naar nieuwe manieren om voedseloverschotten te verminderen en jobs te creëren

Interreg 2 zeeën - Flavour

Create socially innovative business models to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of services dealing with food surplus in order to give an answer to the territorial challenge of the availability of large amounts of food surplus still fit for human consumption, whilst creating jobs/pathways to employment.

Food surplus here means edible leftovers and residual streams from agriculture at any level of the food chain, excluding the household level.

The change to the current situation is to test out how to:

  1. create job opportunities/skills for employment for people far from the labour market in handling food surplus for human consumption
  2. create systems covering a larger region for effective food surplus collection and redistribution to people in food insecurity
  3. process new marketable food products made out of food surplus and promote the development of these models through supporting policy making.
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