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Decoding the Disciplines, Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching and Learning

Decoding the Disciplines in European Institutions of Higher Education: Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching and Learning

The project aims at introducing in European institutions for higher education a new, innovative, intercultural, and interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, “Decoding the Disciplines” (DD), which will address the growing social, cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity at the institutions of higher learning across Lithuania, Belgium, Ireland, and Italy.

The DD model is innovative in that it increases student learning and specialist teaching by narrowing the gap between expert thinking and that of a complete novice. Moreover, within its ambit of application, this innovative pedagogical model crosses disciplines, i.e., it is interdisciplinary in its very nature. It is applicable to the humanities, social sciences, and exact sciences.

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