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Bioboost: Acceleration of transition to a bioeconomy in horticulture

Interreg 2 Zeeën - European Regional Development Fund

The specific objective of the project is to accelerate the transition to a Bioeconomy by implementing test- and pilot projects and supporting their development towards mark-uptake and future scaling up and/or roll-out in all stages. 

This can include: literature studies, concept development, feasibility studies, business case development, analysis and tests, experiments, implementation of pilot installations and match-making. The focus in the Westland area (Netherlands) will be horticultural by- and waste streams, such as green residual streams at the end of a cropping period and plant compounds of for example bel-pepper, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, rose, gerbera and alstroemia. 

There are very promising perspectives for producing green herbicides, bioplastics, green packing materials, cosmetic compounds and pharmaceutical basic ingredients of these and for bio refinery. The focus in other regions could also be in the high value compounds of residual streams of the horticultural /agricultural sector or otherwise. SME’s will play a key role in the project because of the intended roll roll-out of these green technologies in real commercial life.

The main outputs of the project are:

  • transnational SME supporting programme and structure with working capacity to facilitate bio-innovations with e.g. matchmaking (knowledge and commercial partners), juridical questions, financial matters (finding investors or subsidies), etc.
  • test- and pilot projects for the production of green products from by- or waste streams are implemented.
  • general Bioeconomy support model for stimulating and accelerating green innovations.

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