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AGE' INdependently

Interreg 2 Seas Mers Zeeën AGE' IN

AGE’ IN aims at keeping the ageing population independent for longer at their own home/chosen home through a strategy combining house adaptations with the development of a real local ecosystem for ageing population. The project will increase both their quality of life and the quality of the environment, such as services, safety and public spaces.

AGE’IN focuses on prevention and awareness on how ageing people can adapt their house and be more active within their neighbourhood and communities for an improved quality of life. The prevention aspect requires to focus on 55+ when it comes to house adaptations and to focus on 65+ when it comes to social isolation. It is innovative in the way it brings together various stakeholders and their actions to create a real support base to accelerate the shift towards preventing the loss of autonomy. It also entails the development of an ecosystem for the ageing population to live independently at home and still connected with society.


Objective 1: Better adaptation of housing and immediate environment (districts) to the benefice of the ageing population

  1. Demonstration actions to empower 55+ to better adapt their housing to remain independant at home for longer  (65+/75+ and local authorities)
  2. Pilot actions to improve the offer of adapted houses and public spaces (55+/65+/75+/local authorities/housing operators/SMEs/caretaker/ students)
  3. A 2 seas pilot network to promote adapted houses and urban spaces for elderly (55+/65+/75+/local authorities/housing operators)
  4. Living pilots (to implement) to test and demonstrate various house adaptations and public spaces (55+/65+/75+/building professionals and knowledge institutions)

Objective 2: Strengthen social links and reducing social isolation

  1. Joint strategy to detect isolated or "at risk" senior people and identify their weaknesses and specific needs (isolated seniors)
  2. Pilot actions focussing on building social networks around social isolated people (Stakeholders working with elderly people/65+/75+)
  3. Pilot actions in order to animate a community of inhabitants ( 55+ and 65+)

Objective 3: Allow a better utilisation of digital tech and home automation by the ageing population

  1. Demonstration action to increase digital literacy (65+/75+)
  2. Tests in living labs to improve current technologies and products (55+ and 65+/ SME’s/ local organisations offering services)


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