In every stage of your studies, you can reach out for guidance, information or advice. Our study counsellors and psychologists are here for you. We are happy to listen to your questions and do everything we can to help you as much as possible. One thing is certain: at VIVES you are never alone.

Study counselling

For subject-specific questions, you can turn to your lecturers. For individual counselling and advice on study methods and planning, you can contact us at [email protected].

Support for classes and exams

Do you have a functional or learning disability? Are you experiencing difficulties because the language of instruction is not your native language? If so, you can apply for education and examination facilities. These facilities can also help students who combine work or top-level sports with their studies. Possible facilities include: more time for exams, the use of supportive software and aids during classes and exams, spreading of exams, legitimate absence from work, digital course materials, etcetera. Which specific facilities you can call upon, will be determined in agreement with your study counsellor. Together with you, VIVES will look at your personal needs and the possibilities for the school to respond to these needs, so you get maximum opportunity at study success. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Psychological support

When you're away from home, it's possible you encounter psycho-emotional issues not directly linked to your studies. In the VIVES Student Services Department ( a team of psychologists is ready to help you. You can go there with many different questions and possible problems. Do not hesitate to ask for help and contact one of our colleagues:

Hotline Transgressive Behaviour

Transgressive behaviour unfortunately occurs everywhere: at home, in sports or other clubs, in public places and therefore also at work and at college. Bullying, sexual harassment and violence will not be tolerated at VIVES. This hotline wants to lower the threshold to address and report transgressive behaviour. VIVES takes these reports seriously and treats them confidentially. You can count on professional support and expert follow-up. Together we look for sustainable solutions and- if possible or desired - to restore respectful relations between those involved.