Incoming staff

We feel privileged to welcome you in VIVES. The professional visits of colleagues from our partner institutions, be it as a guest lecturer or as a guest researcher, are very important for maintaining the vitality and quality of our own educational standards.

Our own colleagues are keen on discussing with you didactics, methodologies, contents and new approaches of course materials. Our students are eager to listen to other perspectives than from their regular lecturers and they enjoy this way of Internationalisation at Home.

Apart from teaching, we expect you to have discussions with our colleagues, who will after working hours, probably take you for a pub crawl or take you to one (or several) of the many places of historical and cultural interest in West-Flanders (Kortrijk, Brugge, Ieper, the seaside…)

You are of course welcome as an individual lecturer but we like you also to come during our International Staff Weeks, held yearly in some of our departments:

  • Applied Social Studies (SAW)
  • Commercial Sciences, Business Management and Informatics (HWB)
  • ​Teacher Training (OND)

This way you meet a large group of international colleagues and you can do some networking based on a wealth of knowledge and experience of often more than 25 colleagues from all over the world.

Looking forward to welcoming you in VIVES.