International Education Week 2017

It’s no longer a secret that over the course of the 20st century we have evolved from an industrial into a post-industrial (knowledge) society. In this society professional expertise has become very important. But expert knowledge is no longer the sole denominator. It has become equally important to develop a wide range of skills. These competences are referred to as “the competences of the 21st century". 

To acquire these 21th century skills and to maintain excellent expert knowledge will be equally important for future education. This makes the challenge for higher education in general and for teacher training in particular twofold.

On the one hand teachers are expected to be experts in their subject area as a solid base when they enter the job market. On the other hand teachers need to master strongly developed analytical and reflective skills because these skills allow them to further develop their basic skills.

Wanted: competent teachers for the 21st century 

The mission of the university college VIVES aims at the future. Both education, research and provision of services want to respond to the social challenges of today and tomorrow.  Our take on education points out that VIVES wants to prepare its students for the professions of the future. Henceforth our institution wants to increase skills of both teachers and students, skills necessary to be good at jobs existing today and those of tomorrow.

The so-called 21st century competences are therefore put in the forefront when drawing up learning outcomes and training programs. Based on similar research between the different denominations and implementations we arrived at 7 VIVES 21st century competences: 

  1. international competences  (language competences, intercultural competences, global awareness, personal growth, international knowledge and skills on subjects)
  2. sustainability
  3. interdisciplinary collaborations
  4. entrepreneurial spirit
  5. ethical and ideological awareness
  6. media knowledge
  7. dealing with diversity  and inclusion

During our International Education Week, we want to share the international expertise on these seven 21st century competences. During this week the students of our teacher training college will follow your course, your workshop, your activity.

You will be able to meet also our VIVES colleagues from education and teacher training in campus Brugge, Tielt and Torhout. You can connect and share expertise, innovating ideas and good practices. You are more than welcome to join this international week.

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Want to join us? Register now and let's discover, learn and share expertise together. We're looking forward to meeting you at our education campusses in Flanders in from Monday February 13, 2017 to Friday February 17, 2017.