Using Skype

Skype is the application with which you can call each other via the internet. The application also allows you to chat or to share a desktop.

Practical information

In certain programmes it is possible to contact a lecturer via Skype. That might be possible, for example for a reflection or just a free moment of permanence.  If this is the case, then you can find the contact information of the lecturer on the Toledo-course under ' lecturers '.

You can of course also use Skype to chat with fellow students. Skype also allows you to share the screen of your desktop with another person. That way you can support each other while discussing a document, software, ...

Help and training

If you want more information, please consult this short manual:

In this manual you will find explanations on how to download and install Skype and how to log into Skype.

Problems and questions?

Do you have another problem or do you have a specific question?  Please turn to the servicedesk.