stad Brugge

Ah, Belgium. With its cobble streets filled with medieval-looking chocolate shops and picturesque stamp-sized villages. Where the best beer in the world (sorry, Heineken) is served at the world’s longest bar and where a statue of a little naked boy is a national symbol.  

Enough for the clichés now. Many world-famous technological companies are proud to call Belgium their home. As an exchange student in Belgium, you are bound to get to know them. We will introduce you to the ones who have been a loyal VIVES partner for years. And if you are lucky, you will even get to work with them! 

Next to that, we hope you spend your time in Belgium exploring. Visiting those quaint places, trying out a delicious stoverij met frieten and learning your first Flemish words. Or as we like to say it in Flanders*: it is all about goesting. 

*if you'd say Belgium, you'd have to add envie and Lust, because we have three official languages besides hunger and thirst!

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