There are many reasons why you'd want to come and study in Belgium. Find out what others are saying about our quirky country that has so much to offer for students from abroad!

“I studied in VIVES Kortrijk for 1 year. Since I’m a French-speaking Belgian, I wanted to study in Dutch. As a plus I’ve had the chance to live the Erasmus life with foreign students. VIVES is a great university, the school is on human-size with great support from staff and teachers. Kortrijk is also an awesome city for student life, with many activities like cinema, karting, skatepark. ESN Leonardo Kortrijk organises a lot of Erasmus parties, of which I might have just attended a couple. Also, Kortrijk isn’t far from other Flemish cities, to be fair, nothing is far in Belgium, so a one day trip to Bruges? No problem.”

Florian Lapierre, Walloon exchange student in Kortrijk


“I like very much this country is very easy to travel anywhere and cheap, this is a very good advantage and Kortrijk is a very nice and quite city. VIVES is an excellent University with very prepared teachers. I like it because they have many guest lecturers from many countries and you can learn things from their countries and also their courses”

Nicoleta Velicu, incoming exchange student from Romania


“Why would you come to Belgium? Real question is why wouldn’t you? Belgium doesn’t only offer an enjoyment of good chocolate, beer, waffles and many more of our national delicacies but also a rich and complex history. Take the chance to explore a whole new culture. Visit our cities (Ghent and Antwerp) to be charmed by historic monuments, architecture, art work, cosy café’s and city walks. If you’re looking to study in Belgium, why not come to VIVES University of Applied Sciences?

VIVES is situated in the West of Flanders, a province with an intriguing history due to The Great War that largely took place here. Must-see cities like Ypres and Ostend are only a train ride away from our campuses. VIVES offers a thorough education of all things business but also other fields of study like education, agriculture, ...

Looking to learn a new language? This is the place for you, since Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French and German. Being situated in the West of Belgium, VIVES will give you a chance to further your language skills. Our neighbouring countries, France and The Netherlands, are within easy reach from main railway stations. In short, VIVES University of Applied Sciences is the place to be!

Emma Braeckman, international relations officer at VIVES University of Applied Sciences

VIVES University of Applied Sciences

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VIVES Kortrijk: +32 56 26 41 64 

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