Belgium is a country for real gourmands. From sweet to savory, this country has it all with the best quality. Belgium is known for its delicious chocolates, waffles, fries and, of course, world’s best beers and many more.

Picture yourself,early in the morning, you are wandering the streets of Kortrijk, admiring its beautiful design, but after 2 hours of walking you need to rest. What about getting a true Belgian waffle and sit in a café to enjoy a good cup of coffee. A lot of people do not know but Kortrijk is the city of coffee in West-Flanders.

For lunchtime, you might want to try a classic Belgian dish: Stoofvlees or Flemish stew in English. It is traditional sweet-sour beef and onion stew made with beer, and seasoned with thyme, bay leaves and mustard. If you are student from our campus in Roeselare, you can try the world’s best stoofvlees which is made with Roeselare’s local beer Rodenbach. And as you can imagine, this dish should be sided with a good portion of fries and a Belgian local beer. Bon appetit or smakelijk!

Every lunch is not complete without a dessert, so for a last stop, why not go to Bruges and try one of the world’s best chocolates,while enjoying a walk through the beautiful canals the city can provide?

This article was about just a few specialities you will find here in Belgium. If you want to discover many others, then it is up to you to come and taste!