xToledo is the online exam environment of the KU Leuven Association where an exam or assignment can be taken with the help of Toledo tools and every lecturer can check on the progress of the exam. This exam can be extra secured in combination with the online supervision tool Proctorio. 

Practical information

Toledo is the electronic learning environment of the KU Leuven Association. Here a lecturer can offer or organize assignments, group works, digital exams, synchronized classes with Blackboard Collaborate and so on. When Toledo is used for a digital exam, often times this will be done in a so called ‘exam course’ in xToledo instead of the Toledo course itself. This because xToledo keeps tabs on certain browser actions of the student. Since xToledo stands separate of Toledo, the learning materials in the Toledo course will not be accessible in xToledo. This environment is not only for digital exams but can also be used for making assignments. 

Proctorio is a tool for remote online supervising. All actions on the screen and the webcam view are fully captured. On top of that it is possible to set some limitations, like disabling copy and paste, opening other applications on your computer, browsing other websites and so on. With the help of artificial intelligence all registered data is processed giving the lecturer an overview of all that happened during the exam. Like gazing away from the screen, other people appearing in view and so on.  

When do I use xToledo and Proctorio?

You will be informed when an exam will occur via xToledo and possibly Proctorio. 

Help and training


An xToledo manual for students is available .

xToledo_Student manual.pdf

xToledo and Proctorio

The tool Proctorio can only be linked to a digital exam in xToledo. You will get information and instructions when you will need this tool for one or more exams.

Important : to work with Proctorio you need to work with Google Chrome. Start by  installing the Proctorio Chrome extension in Google Chrome on your computer. The manual below explains everything. Be advised : if you have already installed the Proctorio-extension in the past we still advise you to do a new install to make sure you are working with the latest version in your browser.

You can read instructions about installing the extension in this quickstarter:


Follow these tips to have a smooth exam:

  • First and foremost watch the clips below befóre taking the exam with Proctorio.
    • The first clip shows the entire process from installing the exension to taking an xToledo-exam with Proctorio.
    • The second clip specifically explains to Mac users how to share their screen (when prompted) while starting the exam with Proctorio.
  • Preferably use cable internet and not wireless internet.
  • Reboot the computer completely before starting the exam.

We collected some frequently asked questions about Proctorio. Do consult this document before taking an online exam in xToledo with Proctorio.

Proctorio Self-help for students.pdf

When experiencing a problem with Proctorio during your exam, you can immediately contact Proctorio Support via the live chat activated during the exam. Meticulously consult the quickstarter above explaining the use of the chat.


Problems and questions?

Are you experiencing a problem specific to Proctorio during your exam, get into contact with the Proctorio Support via the live chat. See the quickstarter above for any information.

Are you still experiencing problems or do you have a specific question, please contact our Servicedesk.