Every workspace on VIVES is equipped with a WiFi network. There you can connect your own devices with the wireless network. It is also possible to use the wireless printers on VIVES. 

Log in to the wireless network

VIVES offers three different wireless networks: campusroam, eduroam and VIVES-guest. We will explain the differences between these networks below. Preferably use eduroam.


This is a world wide network offering internet all over the globe. Eduroam (abbreviated from EDUcational ROAMing) is an international project, allowing students and personnel free internet access in colleges and universities (also abroad) which offer eduroam. All locations are listed on www.eduroam.be or www.eduroam.org. Everyone using their VIVES-account can connect to the wireless network in other institutions offering eduroam. Preferably use this network.


This is the wireless network for VIVES-personnel and VIVES-students. On top of internet access, this network also offers access to internal applications. Campusroam is also applicable on other sites of the KU Leuven Association.


This network is meant for external visitors and comes with a disclaimer. The offered services and speed are limited. It can be a temporary fix when Campusroam and Eduroam are down.

Set up

campusroam and eduroam

First connect to WiFi VIVES-guest (see below) or via your mobile network (3G/4G). When connected, carry out these next steps:

  • Android users : install the geteduroam app via the google play store
  • Surf to www.vives.be/cat. Click on the blue download button and click on ‘continue’. Download the installer and execute (for Android : open the downloaded file via the geteduroam app when prompted).

To log in, enter your username and password. Your username looks like this:

Use your personal number in the examples listed above. Your password is the password you picked when activating your account. Now you can connect to campusroam or eduroam.

    QR code Vives wifi

    When the Cat-tool fails, you can try connecting manually.


    VIVES-guest is the easiest network to log in, but offers the fewest possibilities and lowest speed and security.

    • connect to VIVES-GUEST
    • surf to any website, for example www.vives.be
    • agree to the terms and conditions
    • click on ‘continue’