The Webshop is the site used in Distance Education for ordering written coursebooks and textbooks. 

Practical information

As a student in Distance Education, you can order your study material through the Webshop. This includes both textbooks and coursebooks. You can choose between a digital or printed copy of the coursebook. You can have your order delivered by postal service at home (after paying delivery costs) or you can have your order delivered at the nearest Standaard Boekhandel shop (without additional costs).

Use your VIVES-username (r-number and password) to log in on the following website:

Help and training

Below you will find the manual for the Webshop. Watch the instruction video if you want an overall view first.

Log in

As a student in Distance Education, you can buy study material through the Webshop. You can buy both textbooks and coursebooks. To get access to the Webshop, log in by using your r-number and password. We advise you to use Google Chrome as your web browser and to place your orders on a desktop or laptop (not on a tablet or smartphone). You will be able to buy study materials from September 9th 2022.

Some teachers use an e-syllabus (developed in the VitalSource tool and opened with the Bookshelf tool). This cannot be bought through this web shop but through Your teacher will notify you if an e-syllabus must be purchased for the course unit in question. The instructions for creating an account, purchasing and using an e-syllabus can be found at

Are you new at VIVES? Access to the Webshop could take 2 or 3 days after enrollment.

Overview study material

After logging in, you will get an overview of all the study materials of the courses for which you are registered.

  • Have you already assembled your ISP (= individual study programme), then you will only see the study materials of your own programme.
  • Do you still need to assemble your ISP, then you will see all the study materials of your course. Only buy the study materials you will need this year. To be certain you are buying the right study materials, first check your study guide or ECTS-file (ECTS = European Credit Transfer System) of every course unit via the technical overview in our study programme.
  • Do you wish to buy study material for a course unit that isn’t featured on your ISP? Search in the Webshop in the top left corner by OPO-code (OPO = course unit) or OLA-code (OLA = educational activity). You will find the ECTS-files for each course unit in the study programme. You will find the OPO- and OLA-code(s) under each course unit.
  • Have you applied for a credit contract? You will only see your study materials after your credit contract has been approved..


You can select which study material you want to buy in the Webshop. When purchasing coursebooks, you can choose between digital or printed copies. When ordering printed copies, you will immediately be granted access to the digital copy. Only buy study materials for the course units you are following this year. Purchased coursebooks can not be returned. Textbooks and printed coursebooks can be home delivered (delivery costs Belgium : € 3.75, Netherlands and Luxembourg : € 7.50, France : €8.50) or picked up at a nearby Standaard Boekhandel shop (for free).  Do you live outside of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or France and still want home delivery? Before placing your order, contact the campus shop ([email protected]). Are you a student with an SME portfolio? Before placing your order, contact [email protected] for the exact procedure. 


All payments of study material occur online (with a credit card or bank card). Be advised : after payment, do not close the payment window. You will automatically be redirected to the Webshop. When closing the window too soon, your payment will not be confirmed. As soon as the payment has been registered, you will receive a confirmation email and be granted access to the digital course material. You can then download all purchased coursebooks from the homepage of the Webshop.

In some cases your employer will cover the costs of the course. However, it is not possible to invoice the purchase of study materials. We advise you to recover the costs with your employer through an expense claim. You can print a receipt of your purchase in the Webshop (under the button “my orders” on the top right corner).


Have you chosen delivery at home or pickup delivery? You can track your order status online (through “my orders”). We try delivering your order (at home or pickup point) within 7 business days during peak periods (September-October) and within 5 business days in off-peak periods. Some textbooks could have a longer delivery time. You will receive an email as soon as your order has been sent to your home or pickup point.

Problems and questions?

Are you still experiencing problems or do you have a specific question, visit the servicedesk. Do you have a general question about the Webshop or still haven’t received your order after 10 business days? Please contact [email protected].