KU Loket is the central place for activating your individual study programme. You will also have access to your timetable and your grades will be made available via this route after you've turned in an assignment or made an exam. 

Practical information

In KU Loket you have access to your individual study programme (ISP).  Here, you determine which courses will be included in your study programme.  Once you ISP has been established, you will be given automatic access to the Toledo-courses pertaining to those courses.  Apart from that, KU Loket also allows you to consult your schedule.  

Log in using your VIVES-username (r-number) and password using the following link:

Help and training

The following clip will show you how to access KU Loket, where you can consult your student data... (note: the audio is in Dutch but you can use English subtitles).

Problems or questions?

Should you experience problems or do you have a specific question? Contact the servicedesk.

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