Documents you create for assignments can turn out quite large. In such cases, the usual channels like Toledo and square will not suffice to send those files. Here, We Transfer is the solution. If you want to send several documents at once, you should create a zip-file of the folder containing all your files.

Practical information

Generally, documents are submitted either via an assignment in Toledo or via an item in Square (only for distance learning). A movie clip you submit via Kaltura (possibly via YouTube). If you have exceeded the maximum upload limit-in Toledo is that default 250 MB, in square is that 450 MB-then you can first try to adapt your files to a smaller file size (e.g. by compressing images).

Should you still have a file that exceeds the maximum size, then you can use our Belnet File Sender:

How to transfer a document?

  • Click the red button to open Belnet FileSender.
  • Click on 'Aanmelden' (= Dutch for 'Sign up'); Select 'KU Leuven / Assicoiatie KU Leuven' from the list and sign up with your VIVES username (r-number) and password.
  • You are now able to send a document from your computer. Tip: use the integrated website translator to translate the website from Dutch to another language.

You can also use WeTransfer, but there is an upload limit of 2 GB.

Help and training

If you want to send multiple files in one go, then it is clumsy to upload the files one by one as separate attachments in Toledo, square or a WeTransfer-mail. It is best to first bundle your files in a zip file and send that zip file in one go. Information can be found in this manual:


Problems or questions?

Do you have another problem or do you have a specific question? Please contact the servicedesk.

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