Toledo is the intranet for all students of VIVES. Here, you can find an overview of all courses for which you are registered and the pertaining course materials. You can also use it to contact your lecturers and to consult the latest notifications pertaining to your programme.

Practical information

For a student Toledo is the central environment where you can find all information on the courses belonging to your programme. For every course you take, there will automatically be an environment on Toledo in which you can consult all the supplementary information, like the study guide, presentations used by the lecturer in his class... You can also use this tool to discuss certain course contents from a course with your fellow students.

New since May 2020 is Blackboard Collaborate where the instructor can organize online meetings (video chat) within the Toledo course. This includes extra functionalities such as sharing the computer screen and brainstorming around certain ideas on a whiteboard.

Apart from the Toledo-courses (pertaining to a course) you will often have access to communities. For example this can be an environment where general information or documents can be consulted on the programme you take. For example: internship documents or contact information of your internship mentor, study trajectory councilor...

Guidelines for using Toledo

Because Toledo is the electronic learning environment you will be working with for all your course units, there are some practical arrangements when working with Toledo:

  • Consult your Toledo environment every working day. Through the messages and updates you can see in time which documents have been added, whether you need to prepare certain things for a course day, ...
  • At the beginning of the academic year, be sure to check if you actually find a Toledo course in your Toledo environment for each of the course units on your individual study program (ISP). This process happens automatically, but if a course is missing, please contact your study track counselor.
  • In case of a change or an error in your ISP, it is possible that you still have courses in your Toledo environment that are not (or no longer) on your ISP. In that case it is best to unsubscribe manually. Support for this can be found in the movie on this page.

Access to Toledo

To be granted access to Toledo you will need your VIVES username (r-number) and your password.

Problems or questions?

Should you experience problems or do you have a specific question? Contact the servicedesk.

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