Square is the environment for Distance Education where you can sign up for an exam, submit assignments and check out feedback and evaluations of assignments and exams.

Practical information

Square is only used in Distance Education. When your individual study programme (ISP) is complete, you will notice one or multiple items under every course unit in Square. Depending on the requirements for each course unit, these items will allow you to sign up for an exam or submit assignments.

  • Signing up for an exam in Square is required, no matter the type of exam (written, oral or digital) or your preferred location (on campus or at home) for taking the exam.
  • You will submit all assignments in Square
  • As soon as an exam or assignment has been evaluated, you will find a score and potentially quality feedback in Square.

Consult the complete manual of Square.

Problems and questions?

Are you still experiencing problems or do you have a specific question, please contact our Servicedesk.