LinkedIn Learning is an online training library with hundreds of interesting digital courses, previously known as

Practical information

LinkedIn Learning is linked to the professional social network platform LinkedIn. When you create a LinkedIn profile and also link that profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, you also get more possibilities within LinkedIn Learning.

When you are expected to learn a software package from LinkedIn Learning, then you will get all the informatie you need through the Toledo-course of that specific course.

You can get access to LinkedIn Learning via the LinkedIn Learning tile on Academic Software of directly using your VIVES account after clicking on this button. Use your r-number and password.

Help and training

In this manual you will find explanations on how to use playlists and work with the material that belongs to the instruction video clips:

LinkedInLearning_student EN.pdf


Problems or questions?

Do you still have problems or do you have a specific question? Please turn to the servicedesk.

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