Search Limo

With the help of the Limo catalog you can consult the collection of the VIVES libraries. In Limo you will find the physical collections of the VIVES libraries and other LIBISnet libraries, ánd the online collections of the VIVES libraries.

Searching in Limo 

Enter your search term in the search bar above. You can refine your results by using the options in the left column. Your results can be narrowed by language, date, material format (physical or online), type of material, et cetera.

Are you not on a VIVES campus but at home or in your dorm? Any student can log in to Limo using their student R-number and password (same as for Toledo). Then you also have full-text access to our online books, journals, databases, dictionaries ... off campus.

Borrowing, extending loan period and booking

Materials can be borrowed by using your student card.

If necessary, you can extend the loan period via Limo: click on ‘log in’ and go to ‘My account’. Items on loan for 28 days can be extended for a maximum of 63 days, items on loan for 7 days for a maximum of 14 days. If you experience problems renewing, please contact the campus library where you borrowed the materials. You can no longer extend your loan period once the original loan period has expired or if another borrower placed a reservation on your materials.

Those who do not return their books within the stipulated period must pay a fine of €0.30 per day per item. All materials can be borrowed, except for magazines and materials with a red sticker. Each user may borrow a maximum of 12 items at a time.

Looking for a book that has been borrowed by somebody else? Then you can place a reservation on the book after logging in on Limo. When your requested book has arrived in the library, you will be notified at your VIVES email address.

Borrowing materials as an external user

Our libraries are open to everyone. External users can also enjoy the library, you are always welcome to consult the collection on sight.

If you want to borrow materials, you can do so after purchasing an external borrower card. This card costs €20 and is valid for the duration of 1 year, starting from the purchase date. This card also works as a personal scan card.

Interlibrary loan

If a particular book is not available in your campus library but is available in another library, you can fill out a request form and we will order the book for you. The book will then be sent to your campus library, where you can pick it up.

If you are having trouble with the request form or looking for another book or journal article, send an email to your campus library with a full description of the work you are looking for. Make sure to provide at least the title, author and year of publication so we can deliver the right book or article.

Vives students can request books from any VIVES library or library from the KU Leuven Association for free. For books from libraries outside the Association, students must pay €6.20.

If the requested book is not picked up, €7 will be charged.

External users can not make loan requests and are referred to their own institution or public library.