VIVES University of Applied Sciences transformed its current libraries into CoCon. CoCon is the central place within VIVES where meeting, inspiration, creativity, knowledge development and knowledge sharing are central. In these places, students and staff are given maximum support in the development of their digital, language and information competencies.

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You can search our library catalogue using Limo. You can find articles, books, movies, dissertations, ... (print or online) about your subject. Login with your VIVES login (= studentnumber and your own password) to have acces anywhere to our online resources. 

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Our services

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Information competencies and services

As a student or employee, you can make free use of the large and up-to-date collection of (e-)books, databases, games, educational materials, (e-)journals and multimedia materials. We are fully committed to flexibility: after signing in Limo, you can access a large digital collection whether you are on the campus or not. Found a item that not digitally available? Choose through Limo where you want to pick up the materials and get started with them with your team or in your class! Place your request for loan on demand or scan on demand. Returning materials? That can be done at your campus of choice.

And there's more! You can request physical items of the collection of the libraries of the KU Leuven Association. After registering in Limo, you can place an application to borrow materials from these libraries for free in CoCon.

Did you know that the publications of our researchers and all employees of the Association KU Leuven can be found in Lirias? Lirias is the online scientific repository for research and professional publications of the Association KU Leuven. Consult Lirias via (in research) or In Limo, select 'Lirias' to the right of the search bar to retrieve publications.

Digital competencies and services

CoCon is the place for supporting digital competencies. Do you want to make your learning materials available in a digitally accessible and didactically enriched way? Or do you want to challenge your students to engage with learning, evaluation or internship material in a digital way?


  • Supports the development of generic digital competences
  • supports the development of multimedia assignments. An innovative infrastructure is available for this, including Podcast room, RapidMooc room, Multimedia room, creative room,... You can request support from an educational technologist for this.
  • is the place where you can also go for the loan of multimedia material (e.g. 360° camera, beamer, camera,...). The lending procedure will be online soon.
  • is the place to stimulate creativity: in the creative room you can work with the Cricket printer, 3D printer, get creative with the green screen,...
  • help develop your skills for the future. Through innovative topics, CoCon supports, stimulates and facilitates in Artificial Intelligence, Learning Analytics, XR space,...

Language competencies and services

We also support language competencies in CoCon. For example, students and staff can practice their presentation skills in the Speakers' Corner or in the Rapidmooc room.

More information? LANGUAGE SUPPORT | Hogeschool VIVES

Learning and (collaborative) work spaces

CoCon offers various learning and (collaborative) work spaces. There is space to work in silence, to collaborate (digitally), to set up your lesson or guest lecture, to work with the collection....


Excited? Always welcome @ CoCon!


Opening hours

Monday till Thursday: 8-17h30, Friday 8-17h