Comproved is a tool for comparative testing. The tool selects two documents after which you indicate which is the best document.

Practical information

Comproved is a tool for comparative testing. During their assessment process, lecturers are shown two submitted assignments by students and are required to indicate which assignment is the better one. By numerously comparing all assignments with each other, a reliable ranking is developed for scoring the assignments.

When a lecturer will use this tool to evaluate an assignment made for a course unit, you will be required to submit your assignment in Comproved. Your lecturer will keep you informed via the Toledo course of the course unit.

Warning : for peer feedback purposes, your lecturer can ask you to run product comparisons via Comproved. Your lecturer will inform you about this via the Toledo course.

Help and training

Submitting an assignment via Comproved

Submitting an assignment in Comproved is easy. Just click on the link in the Toledo course of the course unit to submit your assignment. When activated by the lecturer, you will see potential feedback via Comproved.

You will find all necessary information in this quickstarter.


Peer feedback

When you are expected to use Comproved for peer feedback purposes and run tasks comparisons, you will be informed about this by your lecturer via the Toledo course. Information on making these comparisons can be found in this Quickstarter.

Quickstarter_Comproved Students peer feedback.pdf