Blackboard Learn Ultra is the new learning management system that will be used for all courses in VIVES from academic year 2024-2025.

Practical information

What is Blackboard Learn Ultra?

Toledo is the learning management system of the KU Leuven Association. For each educational learning activity (as part of a course unit), there is a Toledo course in Toledo. You use it to consult documents, make digital assignments, engage in discussion with each other, make a group work, follow an online lesson with Blackboard Collaborate, and so on.

A learning management system undergoes changes on a regular basis. Currently, the process has been started within the Association to migrate to the latest Blackboard environment: Blackboard Learn Ultra. This allows us to work in a learning management system that is perfectly adapted to the current needs in higher education. This change brings with it many new possibilities, but obviously also requires adaptation! Because the migration process is a very extensive one, it consists of pilot projects over several academic years. The aim is to start with everyone in that renewed learning environment in academic year 2024-2025.

At the moment, a pilot project is running with 15 courses. Specifically, this means that from February 2023, the first students will be working with that new learning environment. If this is the case for you, you will be informed of this before the start of the second semester of this academic year.

Access to Blackboard Learn Ultra

You will continue to work in the current known Toledo courses as long as a course is not yet offered in the renewed learning environment Ultra. Once a course is offered in the renewed learning environment, you will find it among all your other Toledo courses. Access to the Toledo portal is therefore done in the same way, via

    Help and training

    The video below will guide you through the new environment in about ten minutes: How do I open an Ultra course? How do I view course documents? How do I submit an assignment? How do I take a test? How do I participate in a discussion? ...

    Be sure to watch this video before getting started in an Ultra course on Toledo.

    The movie is divided into the following chapters:

    • 0:00 Opening an Ultra course
    • 0:29 General overview Ultra course
    • 0:50 The navigation bar
    • 1:55 Details & Actions
    • 3:01 Course content - general structure
    • 3:27 Document
    • 4:14 Folder
    • 4:37 Learning module
    • 5:15 Discussion
    • 5:33 Conversation
    • 6:03 Assignment
    • 7:21 Test
    • 8:18 Back to the Toledo portal
    • 8:32 Notifications Ultra courses