AssessmentQ (previously Edumatic) is an online test and practice environment. Just like Toledo, assessmentQ can be used as a digital environment for practicing subject material of course units, but assessmentQ is often used as an online environment for taking digital exams, amongst others in Distance Education.

Practical information

An exam (real exam or test exam) or string of exercises via assessmentQ can be offered in two different ways:

  • through clicking on a link in Toledo. AssessmentQ will open up and the exam or string of exercises will start up;
  • through the homepage of assessmentQ. Log in with your VIVES username (r-number) and password.

Help and training

Working in assessmentQ is very intuitive. Settings determined by your lecturer dictate what you can do or get:

  • a menu,
  • asking for a hint,
  • corrections and feedback,
  • score per exercise or final score of the entire exam or string of exercises,
  • navigating possibilities,
  • ...

When taking an exam in assessmentQ, it is recommended to look through the quickstarter below. This way you will be familiar with the interface when taking the exam.

Quickstarter_assessmentQ students.pdf

Problems and questions?

Are you still experiencing problems or do you have a specific question, please contact our Servicedesk.