Alinea is a smart text supporting tool with many features like having texts read aloud, using word prediction and spell check, searching words and reading and writing in your digital books and pdf-files. There is support in 4 languages : Dutch, French, English and German, with automatic language recognition and corresponding voices.

Practical information

The software package Academic Software, bought by every student, includes the tool Alinea. This powerful text supporting tool can be installed on a windows-pc or used online with the Alinea Web app on Windows or Mac. The tool helps with reading or writing texts.

So there is a version to be installed locally on your Windows computer and also an online Alinea Web App (for Windows and Mac). For both you need a user account and password, which can be requested when clicking on the Alinea tile in Academic Software. Keep in mind installing Alinea on the pc can take a while due to the large size of the software.         

Below are the instructions for requesting a login and how to log in on the web application.

  • Log in on ‘Academic Software’ according to the procedure described at Academic Software.
  • Click at the top on 'Software'.
  • Look for the tool ‘Alinea by Lexima’ and click on the tile.
  • Select the desired language and request for a username and password by clicking on the the button ‘Request username and password’ (or new one if you have forgotten the previous one). The username is formed by ‘’.
  • You can get immediately access to the Alinea Web App from the Alinea tile in Academic Software. If you got your username and password, you can also get access by clicking on the button ‘Alinea Web App’ below.

A manual for the tool to be installed locally can be found here

Manual Alinea.pdf

The manual contains a lot of information with clear screenshots. Instruction clips can be found at the tutorial page van Alinea. There is also support for the online web application on the homepage of Alinea.

Problems and questions?

If you have any questions about your install, please contact the helpdesk of Academic Software. More information can be found at Academic Software.