You need an account to log in to the different online environments used in VIVES. You can also manage your account, change your password (or request a new one if you've forgotten your old one).

Practical information

After you registered in VIVES, you received an e-mail at your personal e-mail address with instructions on how to activate your VIVES account. Your VIVES account or user number usually starts with the letter r (sometimes also s or m), followed by a combination of seven digits, e.g. r0011111). That e-mail contains an activation link that takes you to the KU Leuven Association's account page to activate your account. In doing so, you will set a password (which must meet certain conditions) and go through the process of enabling multifactor authentication (see below for more information). In any case, it is important to go through this process as only then will you be able to access all kinds of environments, such as the learning environment like Toledo, your VIVES webmail and KU Loket). It is also very important to protect your VIVES account. If necessary, you can also request a new password (if you have forgotten your password) or change a password.

Important to know: the VIVES account remains valid as long as you are enrolled as a student in VIVES. When you deregister or graduate, this account will be discontinued based on the following arrangement:

students who discontinue their studies: seven days after official discontinuation, your account will be closed;
students who do not re-enrol after the end of the academic year (e.g. after graduation or discontinuation of studies): your account remains active until 31 October.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) - KU Leuven authenticator

With Authenticator we add a second check on access to your devices and data. We combine the first factor ("something you know" such as your password) with a second factor ("something you have or identifies you, such as a smartphone"), which is what we call multifactor authentication. Logging in with KU Leuven Authenticator is safer than with username/password.


  • Click on the 'Account Manager' button below.
  • Click on 'Go to your account page'.
  • Then enter your VIVES e-mail address and password.
  • Click on 'Log in'.

If you want to change your password, or you have forgotten your password, you can do so on the account page of the association:

Problems or questions?

Should you experience problems or do you have a specific question? Contact the servicedesk.

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