International students often find that Belgium is an excellent country to study in. Because it is a small country and geographically close to its neighbours, students can take day trips to France, the Netherlands, Germany and even the United Kingdom very easily. Belgium makes for a perfect jumping off point for exploring other interesting European countries.

The cost of living in Belgium is more or less similar to what it costs to live in most other European countries. Some things might be cheaper than you're used to, other things more expensive. On this page, we'd like to give you an idea of what living here will cost.

Approximate expenses


There are no student residences on-campus.

  • Kortrijk: private student residence downtown (rent € 300 per month)
  • Bruges, Ostend, Roeselare: students receive help to find private accommodation (€ 300-400 per month).

Food and other expenses

€ 350 - 400 per month

Public transportation

  • Mobib-card for bus: € 15 in the city of Kortrijk (only for students)
  • Bus ticket: € 2,00
  • Train: Go-Pass 10 (10 rides for € 64 for students under the age of 26

Occasional expenses

Photocopies(100=€5) ,handouts, excursions to the European Institutions in Brussels, the port of Antwerp, cultural weekends, travelling for internships, etc.