By submitting an application for housing in Bruges or Ostend, you accept the general terms and conditions for housing of VIVES University of Applied Sciences. Read the complete terms and condition for renting carefully here:

  1. Only students who are actually enrolled at VIVES or KU Leuven campus Oostende/campus Brugge and who are taking part in an exchange programme may apply for a room.
  2. As we only have a limited number of rooms for exchange students, the room will be provided to students who accomplished the initial payment. We will use the dates of the initial payment to make a fair list. Students who apply too late (or no more rooms available), will have to search for a room on their own. In this situation the housing office can help you with addresses of rooms and to contact landlords. in the period you don't have your own room, you will have to stay in a hotel or a youth hostel (costs are for the student).
  3. Please note that the agreed term cannot be changed during your tenancy.
  4. It is only possible to arrive on weekdays, between 9am and 5pm; if this proves to be impossible, please book a hostel or hotel.
  5. The security deposit (€250) can only be reimbursed by bank transfer.
  6. Candidates who are allocated a room in one of the houses subletted by the housing office are expected to respect the housing rules, thus ensuring order and security.
  7. Payment of the deposit and mediation fee (€350) constitutes acceptance of these general terms and conditions.
  8. On arrival, the initial payment of €350 will be re-defined as follows: 100 will be used to cover the administration costs and will therefore not be reimbursed, €250 will be held as a security deposit and will be reimbursed to you after your stay, provided that the room, the common places and the furniture are clean and undamaged (excluding normal wear and tear) and all invoices are payed.

Note that students arriving after the agreed date will not be entitled to any refund of rent. As stated above, if students fail to arrive within one month of the agreed arrival date, they will no longer be entitled to accommodation and the initial payment of €350 will not be reimbursed.

Terms of lease: per semester or full academic year

Rooms can be rented only for the following periods: from September 1th 2021 till January 23th of January 2022, Second semester: from January 28th 2022 till 30th of June 2022 or FIRST AND second semester: from September 1th 2020 till June 30th 2022.

If you arrive earlier than the agreed date (or should you extend your stay), then you will have to find alternative accommodation (in a hotel or a youth hostel).