When you come and study at VIVES University of Applied Sciences, we can make sure your stay will be as comfortable as possible. Of course you can find housing by yourself (www.kotwest.be), but you can also request the services of our housing staff to provide you with a comfortable student room near our campus.


VIVES University of Applies Sciences rents rooms on the private market and sublets them to international students. Renting a room in Ostend is not always possible. Students who study in Ostend often receive offers in Bruges. By train it takes you 12 minutes from Bruges to Ostend or back.

In Bruges we rent the 3rd floor with 18 student rooms at residence B/KOT - Frank van Ackerepromenade 8, Bruges. Rooms have their own private bathroom and shared kitchen. Rental price per semester (5 months) is €2000. If those rooms are all rented, we make you another similar housing offer. All students who make reservations for a room need to pay a deposit of €250 and an administration fee of €100. Pictures of the residence clic here.

The deadline to submit the application form is:

  • May 31 (first semester/whole academic year)
  • November 20 (second semester)

Price for a single room is €2000/semester. Mentioned prices are for the full term, even if you arrive after the start of the rental period or if you leave before the end of the rental period. All students who make a reservation for a room have to pay a deposit of €250 and an administration fee of €100.

The payment of deposit, administration fee and rent for a single room needs to be done in 3 instalments as followed:

  • 1st instalment of €850 (€250 deposit + €100 mediation fee + €500 rent) within 2 weeks after reservation

  • 2nd instalment of €750 before October 1st for the 1st semester of before March 1st for the second semester

  • 3rd instalment of €750 before November 1st for the 1st semester or before April 1st for the 2nd semester

After submitting the application, you will receive an email informing you wether a room will be available for you at the residence. In the same confirmation email, you will be requested to make the payment of the 1st instalment (€250 deposit + €100 administration fee + €500 rent) into the bank account specified in the invoice in the email, this should be done within 14 days. Please be aware that international money transfers can take several days. Therefore, we advise you to make the money transfer as soon as possible.

After the confirmation e-mail, you will have to contact the student coach of the residence by e-mail for the practical arrangements (date of arrival, pick-up keys, etc.) Students who apply for housing can use the following services: free use of a mattress (most student residences do not have mattresses!) and buying a bedlinen set (duvet, pillow, sheets, ...).

Arrival information: Arrival is only possible during weekdays! If you should arrive during the weekend, at night, ... you should book a room at a hotel. For example, next to the student residence you can find IBIS Budget Hotel. Exceptions are not possible.

General terms and conditions

By submitting an application for housing, you accept the general terms and conditions for housing of VIVES University for Applied Sciences in Bruges. You need to read the complete terms and condition for renting carefully.