Belgium is a very safe travel destination. But because you should prepared for everything, we'd like to take a look at what you need when it comes to insurance. These are things you should take care of before travelling to Belgium and starting your classes here with us at VIVES.

Medical insurance

Please contact your own Health Services and ask for the appropriate form (preferably a European Health Insurance Card) as a proof of your right for medical cover abroad. Non EU-students should check with a private insurance company. The insurance package must include hospitalisation, dental care and repatriation. This insurance must be purchased before hand in the home country and students are required to bring a document indicating the coverage of their insurance.

Make sure you are fully covered for all medical costs and repatriation. Medical costs are extremely high in Belgium.

College insurance

VIVES does not ensure incoming Erasmus students, as you are enrolled at your home institution and thus are covered by its insurance scheme for risks linked to being a student. Please check before you leave that you are officially registered at your own home institution (otherwise we cannot register you as an International Exchange student) and that your institution covers your personal damage and third-party liability at school and at placement.

Third party liability

Make sure that your own family insurance policy covers your general personal third-party liability when going abroad.

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