While studying in Belgium, you'll guarantee you'll have a wonderful time. But even then, it's always good to be prepared in case something happens to you. The quality of health care in Belgium is excellent: skilled physicians in modern hospitals will be able to help you back on your feet in no time. Health care can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. It's good to make sure your insurance will cover all medical expenses during your stay here in Belgium.

Need a doctor?

A general practitioner ("huisarts”) is the first one you should consult if you’re experiencing medical problems. Usually, visits hours are in the morning and early evening. Sometimes, it is required to make an appointment before a consultation. You can find a general practitioner close to your accommodation using this website: www.huisarts.be. Fill in ‘8500’ for Kortrijk and ‘8000’ or ‘8200’ for Bruges at ‘Postnummer’. Click on ‘verzenden’.


Pharmacies have the same opening hours as other retail shops on weekdays. More details about the chemists on night duty are displayed at most pharmacies.



In case of an emergency, you can go to:

  • AZ Groeninge, Campus Maria’s Voorzienigheid, Loofstraat 43 in Kortrijk (056 24 21 11).

Information about the different locations of the AZ Groeninge hospital in Kortrijk and how to reach them can be found on the following website: www.azgroeninge.be.


In case of an emergency, you can go to one of these hospitals:


In urgent and serious medical cases, dial the emergency number 112.


Medical insurance

Please contact your own Health Services and ask for the appropriate form (preferably a European Health Insurance Card) as a proof of your right for medical cover abroad. Non-EU-students should check with a private insurance company. The insurance package must include hospitalisation, dental care and repatriation. This insurance must be purchased in advance in the home country and students are required to bring a document indicating the coverage of their insurance. Make sure you are fully covered for all medical costs and repatriation. Medical costs are extremely high in Belgium.

College insurance

VIVES does not ensure incoming Erasmus students, as you are enrolled at your home institution and thus are covered by its insurance scheme for risks linked to being a student. Please check before you leave that you are officially registered at your own home institution (otherwise we cannot register you as an International Exchange student) and that your institution covers your personal damage and third-party liability at school and at placement. Foreign degree students are enrolled in VIVES and are covered by the college insurance. All enrolled students are insured as follows:

  1. through the physical accident policy for any accidents that might occur in the context of college life. Cover is provided for death/permanent disability after an accident, temporary disability, medical expenses, repatriation/burial costs and psychological support;
  2. via the BA policy for any damage that the student may cause in the context of university life;
  3. for claims that occur outside university life, the student can take out a policy for private life of the student. More information available at our insurance responsible;
  4. as far as travel assistance is concerned, students must sign up for a travel assistance policy in their country of origin.

Third party liability

Make sure that your own family insurance policy.