On this page you'll find a handy overview of all the digital tools you may need during your time with us at VIVES.

All of the tools are available in English, although in some cases the front page will be in Dutch. Locate the language switch of the application to change the language of the tool.

If you are a student distance education, please visit Distance education. There, you will find a number of extra tools.


VIVES University of Applied Sciences has libraries in most of its campuses: in Bruges, Kortrijk, Roeselare and Torhout. If you’re doing research for a paper, our friendly staff is always there to help you out. Ask them how they can assist you. Many resources, both books and magazines, are available in English.


If you have a specific problem of question related to IT or digital tools, you can visit our servicedesk. We'll help you as soon as possible.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences

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