Digital tools used in VIVES

If you are a new student in VIVES, be sure to read the following information thoroughly!

The image below shows you in a nutshell which digital tools and environments you should explore at the start of your course! This can be done interactively.

Distance education

Are you a distance student? Then additionally check out the getting started point for distance education with some additional tools.

Take an online class

In VIVES, classrooms are equipped with specific software and hardware so that you can follow the lessons from home. We have developed a special page with lots of practical information and support materials.

Online assessment

During the exam period, we want to give all students the opportunity to participate in exams in optimal conditions, including quarantine.

App VIVES Plus

With the VIVESPlus app, you always have your individual course schedule at hand. The app shows the most up-to-date timetables for buses and trains from and to the campus. The app lists all student restaurants per campus and brings you urgent messages from your campus or field of study. Check the manual to install the app.


If you have a specific problem of question related to IT or digital tools, you can visit our servicedesk. We'll help you as soon as possible.

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