Stretch Schedule


Due to the corona crisis, this event will not take place on the foreseen date. We do not want to bury our cross-border event network idea, though. We will only postpone this conference and the launch of our STRETCH network to a later date. Looking forward to meeting you later!

Take part in 3 days of brainstorm, meeting, network, presentation, brain, music, leisure stretches and network with event professionals, lecturers, researchers and some of the most important Belgian event managers and award winning event agencies, such as the organizer of Cirque du Soleil Belgium and the multiple award winner MeetMarcel. 

Tuesday 17 March: Kortrijk (VIVES, University of Applied Sciences) 

9                      Welcome & Campus Tour, VIVES, Kortrijk

10                    Pitches and presentations fair (5-20 min/ university)

  • (participants pitch strongest elements/key players/initiatives of their programme)
  • researchers present their papers

11.10               One-minute stretch into a blood circulation acceleration

11.15               Share-first-impressions-over-coffee stretch

11.30               Networking and brainstorming stretches about

  • potential joint student projects 
  • a joint student project week, e.g. once a year, with a changing organizer
  • exchanging lecturers and students
  • exchanging research outcomes

12.30               Summary, wrap-up, sharing first outcomes

1                      Appetite stretching lunch in Bistro ‘t Forum

2.30                 in room 61.10: Setting up the first guidelines of our new network with the strongest brain stretches and ideas of the day 

3                      Stretch into an Erasmus/Exchange experience

                                    Students’ visit and Q&A in comfy corners    

4.00                 Stretch into Kortrijk’s creativity via the Kortrijk creative city tour

  • 6 creative hubs & spots in Kortrijk  
  • focus on design, music, street art
  • meet & greet with event organizers Kortrijk

Wednesday 18 March: Antwerp

Venue: Antwerps Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena

10                    Sightseeing Antwerp

12                    Lunch in Antwerp

1.30                 Antwerps Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena

  • welcome by Jan Vereecke, co-owner Antwerps Sportpaleis/ PSE (Promotion Special Events) Belgium
  • behind-the-scenes visit of Antwerps Sportpaleis with Chris Bergs, manager B2B & Commercial Relationships Sportpaleis Group
  • behind-the-scenes visit of Lotto Arena with Picha Theus, Group Sales Coordinator Sportpaleis Group, owner D-OFFICE, official partner Cirque du Soleil
  • neck stretches during warm-up athletes Cirque du Soleil

6                      Dinner in Antwerp

7.30                 Return trip to Kortrijk

Thursday 19 March: Bruges

Venue: Concertgebouw Brugge

9.30                 Welcome

9.45                 Stretch into ‘Hospitality through Events’ by Guillaume Desmet, managing director Gracias

10.25               One-minute stretch into a blood circulation acceleration

10.30               Stretch into every nook and cranny of Concertgebouw Brugge with An Merlier 

11.15               Cool down Stretch with … coffee! 

11.30               Stretch into the enchanted world of MeetMarcel with co-founder Bartel Van Iseghem

12.30               Appetite stretching sandwich lunch from the Concertgebouw’s rooftop with background music by our student: dj AMAXXY

1.30                 Taking down the most important lessons learnt on today’s essential event professionals’ skills

2                      Cool down Stretch with Students on our Wellbeing & Vitality Management Programme

2. 30                Stretch Doctor presents how to cure from shopaholism, blindness for beauty, cultural fits, stress-outs, being hangry in Bruges.

3                      Quick healing based on the Stretch Doctor’s tips in Bruges

6                      Dinner in Bruges’ brewery De Halve Maan

7.30                 Music Stretch with composer Daan Janssens in Concertgebouw Brugge

8                      Concert of Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen in Concertgebouw Brugge

  • Creation, Daan Janssens
  • Violin Concerto Op. 35, Erich Wolfgang Korngold
  • The New World Symphony, Antonín Dvorák

10.30               Return trip to Kortrijk

Stretch Concept

All activities will be wrapped up in our Stretch Concept as we want to explore our international collaboration limits and stretch beyond. Because that is what stretching is all about: about reaching higher, further, deeper, about being flexible without breaking or tearing. These three days, we will present you stretches of all kinds such as:

  • Brain Stretches
  • Body Stretches
  • Cultural Stretches
  • Music Stretches
  • Adrenaline Stretches
  • Imagination Extension
  • Cool Down Stretches

Throughout your journey in Belgium, the stretch doctor will guide you physically and mentally and will advise you on

  • shopaholism
  • cultural fits
  • stress outs
  • blindness for beauty
  • being hangry