Stretch Practical


Due to the corona crisis, this event will not take place on the foreseen date. We do not want to bury our cross-border event network idea, though. We will only postpone this conference and the launch of our STRETCH network to a later date. Looking forward to meeting you later!

elow you find information on funding, accommodation, travelling, the conference tickets and the venues. The city of Kortrijk will be the starting point of all our activities and the city where we suggest you to book a room.


EU participants meet the conditions to receive Erasmus+ funding for their travel and hotel costs via a Staff Mobility for Training (STT) agreement. This mobility agreement can easily be acquired via the international office even without an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between our institutions provided that the participant stays onsite for at least 2 days (travel days not included).

Sleeping there

There are some very nice hotels at the city centre. The following two hotels grant a discount to VIVES conference participants:

Getting to Kortrijk

If you come by plane, you will arrive in Brussels South Charleroi Airport or in Brussels International Airport Zaventem.

From Brussels South Charleroi Airport

The easiest way to get out of Brussels South Charleroi Airport is by bus.

Unfortunately there is no direct connection from Charleroi to Kortrijk. Hence, you will need to take the bus to Charleroi Sud Station, Ghent or Brussels and take a train from there. Here you have the different options:


Flibco buses drive from one point to another without making any other stops e.g. from Charleroi Airport to Ghent St Pieter’s Station. You can book your bus ticket beforehand via this website.

All you need to do is select your destination and choose your time of departure.

The ticket prices usually vary between €5-€15.

The best options would be taking a Flibco to Brussels or to Ghent. From there you can easily take a train to Kortrijk.

 If you decide to take the Flibco, your bus will arrive at the central station of Ghent (Ghent St. Pieter’s) or Brussels (Brussels-Midi). From there you can take a direct train to Kortrijk. From Brussels there is a direct train every hour, from Ghent you have a direct train every half hour (this can change during off-peak travelling times). 

You can book your ticket in advance via this website.

Regular bus (TEC)

Take bus 68 from Charleroi Airport to Charleroi Sud Station (bus ticket €6). From there you can take a direct train to Kortrijk (this can change during off-peak travelling times). You can book your ticket in advance via this website.

From Brussels International Airport (Zaventem)

Travelling to Kortrijk from Brussels International Airport (Zaventem) is a bit easier.

There is a train station at the airport on the lower floor (see map). If you go to level -1 you should be able to take a direct train to Kortrijk every hour (this can change during off-peak travelling times). 

You can book your ticket in advance via this website.

If you’re buying a train ticket from our International Airport you’ll have to pay an additional fee of €5.40 (Diabolo Fee).

Conference Fee

Since this is the very first edition of our cross-border event festival and since we want to reach out/stretch to as many participants as possible, we decided to offer 30 free tickets to the 30 first registered participants. A ticket includes:

  • participation in all network activities
  • 3-day catering
  • 3-day transport
  • 3 visits to breathtakingly beautiful cities
  • concert at renowned Concertgebouw Brugge

A ticket does not include:

  • travel costs from and to your destination
  • accommodation costs in Kortrijk


  • Kortrijk: JC Tranzit
  • Antwerp: Lotto Arena
  • Bruges: Concertgebouw Brugge