The Centre of expertise for education innovation aims to act as a catalyst to facilitate the interaction between educational research and educational practice. Practical research is an excellent means of achieving this goal. Within the centre of expertise, applied research takes various forms: descriptive research, intervention research, design research, action research, etc. Employees impose high quality criteria on themselves and allow their research to result in the valorisation of new knowledge.

Within the centre of expertise for educational innovation, the three basic assignments of a university of applied sciences (education, research and social work) are not seen in isolation from each other. Consequently, the results of the investigation always have an impact on 3 levels:

  • innovation in the field of work = social services
  • innovation of the curriculum within a university of applied sciences
  • Building on the basic competency 'the teacher as researcher and innovator' among students.

The research is clustered around five core elements: culture at school, didactics of teacher education, digital learning, professionally-didactic research and care and diversity in education.