With its practice-oriented, problem-solving research, expert advice and specific training courses, the centre of expertise in the field of food aims to be a driving force for innovation in the food sector. Some ten experienced researchers work closely with large and small companies and non-profit organisations, both under bilateral agreements and collective projects (Factory of the Future, Tetra projects, etc.). The centre of expertise also acts as an easily accessible centre of expertise and services (LED) that provides first-line advice to SMEs.

In the field of biotechnology, the centre of expertise is active in two areas: plant biotechnology and veterinary laboratory diagnostics. Collaboration is taking place with plant breeding companies and knowledge institutes in the field of tissue cultivation and plant breeding for round chromosome doubling, microscopic visualisation of chromosomes (ploid value determination), mutation or irradiation experiments, pollen fertility studies, embryo rescue, GMO technology (genetic modification) and the development of biotopes (infections with pathogens). In the field of veterinary laboratory diagnostics we work together with companies and research institutes with a view to the development, optimization and/or execution of (molecular) laboratory tests for veterinary diagnostics and scientific research. Expertise is available in the field of classical microbiological and parasitological studies, PCR, RT-PCR and real-time PCR, sequencing and serological studies (ELISA).

In the field of animals, the centre of expertise focuses on two pillars: agriculture and the triad animals-humans-environment. With regard to green management, we want to operate on the front line for further professionalisation of the design and management of green space, whereby policy, design, construction and management are regarded as inseparable components. Through research and professional knowledge, we strive for optimisation and innovation within each project.