The expertise centre biotechnology focuses on five domains: biotechnology, animals, green management, agriculture and food. A team of thirty experienced researchers focuses on three pillars on a daily basis: practice-oriented, scientific research, services and post-training.

Practice-oriented, scientific research

Within the domain of biotechnology, the focus is on plant breeding and (molecular) laboratory tests for veterinary diagnostics. 

In the field of animals, the expertise centre focuses on the behaviour of dogs and develops an observation and scoring tool for puppies. 

Within our agriculture research domain, we are working on optimising the management of pig farms, professionalising the short chain, insects as an alternative source of protein and smart farming. 

In the domain of green management, we focus on the design and management of green spaces. We are pioneers in Flanders when it comes to tree management using drones.  We also focus on soil physical analysis and lightweight substrates as contenders for use on green roofs. 

Within the food domain, there is a strong focus on valorising loss streams from the agro and food industry, developing food products tailored to specific target groups (seniors, athletes, people with chewing and swallowing problems, etc.) and industrial application possibilities of microwaves: drying, pasteurising, pre-cooking, sterilising and tempering. VIVES is a training provider recognised by the public authorities, which means that you, as a small or medium-sized enterprise, can obtain public funding to enable your staff to follow training courses.


Expertise centre biotechnology
Yves De Bleecker
e-mail: [email protected]
mobile phone: +32 497 37 90 32


For our services, you can visit our BioLab. This is the biotechnology laboratory of our university college where we regularly collaborate with companies, non-profit organisations, public administrations, cities and municipalities, diagnostic laboratories, secondary schools, academic institutions and research groups. Our researchers work closely with our biotechnology and food technology students. 

Further training

VIVES offers you the chance to update and expand your skills in a wide range of areas through a wide range of further training courses. This can be done immediately after your studies or during your professional career.