Research at VIVES

As the largest university for applied sciences in West Flanders and one of the largest in Flanders, VIVES provides higher education and applied research. The aim of our research is to ensure that our teaching remains of a high quality in terms of subject matter and is in line with current issues in professional practice. Through our research, we also want to contribute to innovations in professional practice and have a regional, provincial, and national impact on the knowledge infrastructure and economic and social development.

We involve our students in research as often as possible. This is important to us because our graduates are going to work in a professional practice that is constantly and rapidly changing. It is important that they are able to carry out research and apply results, or have them carried out, so that there is continuous innovation. We do this from six centres of expertise:

Together with institutions and companies, we formulate our research questions and we actively involve them in the research. We aim for an intensive knowledge exchange and co-creation through all kinds of forms of cooperation. Current issues and themes from the work field (partly) determine VIVES' research agenda. In this way we connect education with the workplace through research.

Do you recognize yourself in this approach? Can we assist your organisation or company with practice-oriented research? Then contact us today for an introductory talk. We like to convene and discuss all the possibilities.