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Health Care

The healthcare study area in VIVES offers a wide range of high-quality professional Bachelor's programmes within the broad context of the healthcare and welfare sector. We train students with a strong theoretical and scientific basis, tested against relevant professional practice situations. The emphasis is not only on the development of professional knowledge, but also on the development of competencies.

We realise this ambition through a stimulating learning and living environment with (international) lecturers who are experts in their field, but also by creatively challenging students on their talents! By means of a well-considered mix of didactic methods, students actively and independently develop - coached by teachers - general and profession-specific competences. Internship experiences help to broaden, broaden and deepen the view of professional practice.

Numerous opportunities to move on to further education also offer students opportunities to professionalise even further. But above all, we want to be a warm university of applied sciences, where courses are organised in relatively small campuses and where there is close contact between students and lecturers.

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