You are very welcome to join us and study with us, here in West Flanders, at VIVES University of Applied Sciences. Our lively and student-friendly university of applied sciences offers a wide range of bachelor programmes that lead to a Bachelor's Degree. As the courses prepare students for specific professions, they are practice-oriented and also include periods of practical training. In 2002 we joined the KU Leuven Association. The departments are located in five historical cities: Bruges, Kortrijk, Ostend, Roeselare and Torhout.

Our President, Mr Joris Hindryckx, and our Head International Office, Mrs. Tine Ternest, are happy you want to share in our international commitment. Together with the entire International Office staffand the international coordinators, they'd like to welcome you to VIVES.

Our take on internationalisation

We live in a world with major social challenges on a social, economic, cultural, technological, ecological and political level. Coping with these challenges involves an international and sustainable orientation. The idea that we are all part of a changing world and are all interdependent, inspires VIVES University of Applied Sciences to global engagement and international cooperation.

VIVES challenges students and staff to explore the world, to learn from it, to shape and integrate it into their own learning, living and working environment. Thus the world becomes a meeting place and a home for each student and staff member. Internationalisation is therefore part of VIVES’ core mission. The three priorities of VIVES educational vision are: drive, connection and innovation