Nursing and/or Midwifery (Kortrijk)

1st semester (Autumn) or 2nd semester (Spring) placement by VIVES Kortrijk

The Health Care department of VIVES Kortrijk offers a programme in Nursing and a programme in Midwifery. 

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Study nursery and/or midwifery at VIVES Bruges
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Nurses and midwives work from a relational, care-ethical vision. They take diversity into account and provide care in dialogue. In addition, nurses and midwives provide scientifically and legally based care and are active in the field of preventive care. Nurses work together in an intra- and interdisciplinary way and monitor and promote the quality of their thinking and acting. Nurses are creative, enterprising and integrate sustainability into their activities.

The practical training for students nursing will take place in AZ Groeninge (1066 beds in 2012), the main hospital in Kortrijk, that obtained the Joint Commission International (JCI)-accreditation in 2013. Midwifery training may find place in AZ Groeninge or in a hospital in the area.

Study Nursing and/or Midwifery (Kortrijk)

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Depending on when you will be here, you will have a different set of courses available. Download our brochure for an overview of all courses available in both the autumn and spring semesters:

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