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Interdisciplinary Modules (Kortrijk)

2nd semester (Spring) at VIVES Kortrijk

For international students with a good knowledge of Dutch, the department of Applied Social Studies at VIVES Kortrijk also offers a number of Interdisciplinary Modules during the second semester.

Take an interdisciplinary modules at VIVES Kortrijk
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Students interested in following these courses can choose between:

Note: following these links will bring you to the Dutch-language part of our website. There are no English-language equivalents offered for these modules.

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It is possible to follow one of these Dutch-language modules if you are in the last bachelor's year of a programme if you are granted permission by your college or university or after you've earned a socio-educational or other relevant degree. Contact us if you have any questions about this and we will find out before you if it is possible for you to follow any of these selection routes.

By following a choice process of applied social studies, you not only get theoretical frames of reference and insights, but there is also attention for working methodically.