You are very welcome to join us and study with us, here in West Flanders, at VIVES University of Applied Sciences. Our lively and student-friendly university of applied sciences offers a wide range of associate and bachelor programmes. As the courses prepare students for specific professions, they are practice-oriented and include a lot of practical training. In 2002 we joined the KU Leuven Association. The departments are located in five historical cities: Bruges, Kortrijk, Ostend, Roeselare and Torhout.

Our take on Global Engagement

We live in a world with major social, economic, cultural, technological, environmental and political challenges. Learning to deal with these challenges asks for a global and sustainable way to look and act. Understanding that we are all part of a continuously changing world and that we are interconnected, inspires VIVES to Engage Globally.

VIVES challenges students and staff to explore the world, to learn from it, shape it and integrate it into their own learning, living and working environment. In this way, the world becomes a meeting place and a home for every student and staff member. Global Engagement is therefore part of the core mission of VIVES.

The way in which we interpret Global Engagement at VIVES, is described in detail in the inspirational framework 'Global Engagement in Higher Education' through strategic objectives for 2030 and related actions. This framework aims to link internationalisation with sustainable development, taking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its inspirational frame of reference.

The SDGs are clustered according to the five principles or Ps of sustainable development: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. This take on Global Engagement is therefore also defined using the same 5 Pillars.

PEOPLE - Global Engagement as a drive for self-development and international orientation

VIVES is determined to provide its students and staff with knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare them to live and work in a globalised society. Being confronted with other perspectives on humanity and the world, students and staff are inspired to professionalise, engage locally and globally, and grow into critical, empathetic and responsible global citizens. International competences and competences for sustainable action are the driving force behind this lifelong learning process.

PLANET - Global Engagement as a motivator for eco-responsible choices

VIVES wants to take the ecological capacity of the earth into account in all its international commitments through environmentally conscious screening.

In doing so, VIVES aims to embed its ambitions by promoting a sustainable travel policy and by developing, supporting and offering virtual mobility.

PROSPERITY - Global Engagement as an inspiration for sustainable social change and innovation

The demand for knowledge exchange and research to find innovative answers to global and local issues is stronger than ever. International collaborations, contacts, networks and events are an important source of inspiration for this and offer a challenging learning environment.

VIVES opts for sustainable and SDG-related projects, research topics and collaborations in which the knowledge of the own institution and its stakeholders are used to find an answer to relevant social challenges. VIVES emphasises inter and transdisciplinarity and co-creation.

PEACE - Global Engagement as an appeal for an inclusive, just and peaceful society

VIVES wants to take up its social role and responsibility by contributing to the pursuit of universal rights and justice for all. In doing so, VIVES advocates “education that promotes a culture of peace and non-violence, alongside global citizenship and the appreciation of cultural differences" in order to come to a peaceful, just and inclusive society.

The activities VIVES undertakes worldwide are also strongly embedded in what goes on at the institute. The challenges we face globally have local implications. At the same time, we are aware of the global impact of the choices we make locally.

PARTNERSHIP - Global Engagement as a key to qualitative and reciprocal partnership

By being globally connected and actively engage in dialogue with the work field and society, VIVES aims to be a dedicated partner.

VIVES consciously opts for qualitative, reciprocal and sustainable partnerships with organisations at home and abroad in order to deploy further research, inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge exchange and curriculum development. This partner policy focuses on co-creation, reciprocity, ethical and ecological impact and recognition of each other's interests.